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The Death Of The Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World- James

Since I am leading the class today, I have many jumbled notes all over my page, so I am going to try to make this post as coherent as possible, although sometimes there may be random thought splurts.

As I was reading it, and once I understood what was going on, I found that I kept asking myself how I would stage some of the more brutal scenes in the play.  I see the as barren, empty and completly black.  The stage should be wooden, the walls painted black, however, the audience might be able to see the ladders and other things that are stored in the theatre, it shouldn’t look like a spectacle.  The lights should be the most influential in getting the story across in my opinion.  They should change or have a certain color pattern every time something is repeating itself or there is a recurring theme or symbol.  As for the staging, I am sure that there would be many instances of symbolism and use of small, ordinary, every day props.

Although I am unsure of what exactly, I know that there is a certain signifigance to the ringing of the bells.  There is an instance on page 110 where the bells ring four times as opposed to the more common, one or two chimes.  Maybe as the stakes get higher, the bells become more intense? Just a thought…

I have a feeling that there must be something significant about saying prunes and prisms 40 times each to reudce the size of lips.  Being that a recurring line throughout the play has to do with putting the culture of African Americans under a rock to preserve it, something strikes me as odd about this statement.  If they are trying to preserve the culture and keep it alive, why would people be concerned about physically altering their natural facial structures?  Maybe this is them saying that they are ready to move forward but at the same time want to make sure that there original culture is preserved.  (This paragraph seems very all over the place but I really don’t know how else to word what I am saying!)

The rest of my thoughts I will bring up in class, but I will leave this post with an ominous thought.
Might this play have anything to do with existentialism??!?!?!?!




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